[ NBC Friday, April 6, 1979 ]

One in this series of dramas presented by Hallmark. This production retells the classic fable of a beautiful young woman who learns to love a monstrous man-beast. Edward Beaumont takes a wrong turn in the forest and finds himself on the estate of the Beast, a hideously deformed hermit king. In exchange for his life, Edward agrees to return with his virtuous daughter Belle. Initially repulsed by the Beast's appearance, Belle becomes entranced by the magic spirits inhabiting the castle. When she looks in the mirror, the Beast wraps her in stunning gowns; when she sits at the table, he ensures that a great feast is spread out before her. Their burgeoning relationship is hindered only by the Beast's angry outbursts at Belle's reluctance to marry him. Eventually, as Belle helps to draw out the Beast's innately sensitive nature, she finds herself less frightened in his presence. They play hide-and-seek in the garden and, in a climactic moment, Belle leads the Beast through a dance in the ballroom. The Beast continues to press Belle for her hand in marriage, but she refuses to acknowledge his proposal until he acquires the manners and temperament of a gentleman. When the Beast learns that Belle misses her family, he releases her from the castle, but promises to end his life if she doesn't return in one week with his engagement ring around her finger. Back home, Belle becomes the victim of her selfish siblings, who plot to steal her ring. Faced with the prospect of never again enjoying the Beast's company, Belle finally recognizes her true feelings for him. Includes commercials. (This is an encore presentation of a program that initially aired on December 3, 1976.) ("Hallmark Hall of Fame" aired on NBC from 1952 to 1978; network affiliation varies after 1978.) (Beginning with the live telecast of the opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors" on December 24, 1951, Hallmark has sponsored a series of dramatic specials which since 1952 have been titled "Hallmark Hall of Fame." From 1952 to 1955 Hallmark also presented "Hallmark Hall of Fame," a weekly half-hour dramatic anthology series hosted by Sarah Churchill. The first program, "Dr. Serocold," was televised in January 1952 under the title "Hallmark Television Theatre." This series also ran under the title "Hallmark Summer Theatre" in July and August 1952.)

  • Drama
  • Drama
NBC - TV, 1979
  • TV - Commercials - Hallmark Cards

Thomas Johnston
  • Executive Producer
Ronald Hobin
  • Executive Producer
Hank Moonjean
  • Producer
Fielder Cook
  • Director
Sherman Yellen
  • Writer
Ron Goodwin
  • Music by
George C. Scott
  • Cast
  • the Beast
Van Devere, Trish
  • Cast
  • Belle Beaumont
Virginia McKenna
  • Cast
  • Lucy
Bernard Lee
  • Cast
  • Edward Beaumont
Patricia Quinn
  • Cast
  • Susan
Michael Harbour
  • Cast
  • Anthony
William Relton
  • Cast
  • Nicholas

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